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“Classical Sportswear” - Limited edition wearable artwork collaboration

Detail of the jumper, conceived as a wearable artwork.

A collaboration between creative studio, Bombe Surprise, and artist, Thomas J Price, this wearable artwork combines their shared interest in clothing as a cultural and social signifier.

Hand crafted from a unique pattern in white cotton terry fabric, the jumper is printed, both front and back, with the image of a metallic sculpted head of young man. Appearing like a “futuristic relic”, with its silver surface, the head emblem is adapted from Price’s fine art practice, which has an interesting and ambiguous relationship with the traditions of western sculpture. He engages with and manipulates these concepts in order to perform a volte-face from the position taken by many white modernists pursuing the lure of tribal sculpture.

Drawing from her interest in modern sportswear, Bombe Surprise's deft use of a bespoke printed marble pattern to create an iconic sports-style three stripe design, running from the neckline and down the arms of the jumper, connects the wearer simultaneously to both the sense of a mystical past and today’s contemporary culture.

To purchase please visit Bombe Surprise.

Thomas J Price